A good waffle iron is a dream kitchen gadget for anyone who loves to make waffles for self and family or friends. Well, the Chef’s Choice 830 WafflePro Heart Shaped Waffle Iron is a fairly new waffle maker which has received amazing reviews and ratings from many buyers, who love its ease of use, construction quality, and performance and praise it as one of the most superior waffle makers.


Principal Features & Highlights of this product


  • Chef’s Choice 830 WafflePro Heart Shaped Waffle Iron Review spells out you can cook individual waffles in deep bake or fast settings. The waffles are 6 ¾ by 6 ¾ inches in dimensions.

  • The body of this chefs choice waffle maker is made of stainless steel, which ensures that it is going to last for a long time to come. Waffle iron plate is constructed of aluminum, with non-stick coating. The chrome color makes it amazing to look at.

  • This is a professional-grade waffle maker which is heavy-duty in construction. That’s why it is considered to be the best waffle maker by many people. It has an overflow channel which can easily be cleaned and a deep channel griddle which is non-stick in variety. For constant baking, there is also instant temperature recovery feature.

  • This waffle maker takes a mere 90 seconds to prepare the stuff. When it needs batter, it flashes “Ready” light and when waffles are prepared, it makes beep sounds for notification. While baking, it flashes light signal.

  • This device has a nonstick cooking surface and does not need any oil. It is offered with a warranty of 1 year from manufacturer.

  • There is an instruction manual which comes with easy to understand directions and that will lead you to have waffle maker best buy. However, this device is generally very easy to use and buyers generally understand its operations on their own.

Chefs Choice 830 WafflePro Heart Waffle Iron Review

What Do Consumers Love About It?


  • This chefs choice waffle maker comes with a coating that does not stick and can help you to get waffles of perfect quality, which do not stick even when oil is not used. You can get soft and crispy waffles all the way. It prepares heart-shaped waffles, which are better than square-shaped waffles of regular size – as any review for this waffle maker unit mentions.

  • This waffle maker best buy has a ready indicator which makes “beep” sounds when waffles are prepared. If you tend to be absent minded or keep very busy while multi-tasking, this can be perfect for you.

  • Due to the non-stick coating in this chefs choice waffle iron, waffles do not stick. Hot section of the iron comprises of a channel which can catch additional batter. In case the batter flows over even this channel, there is one more channel in the plastic around iron which can prevent dripping of batter on a kitchen counter.

  • It is offered with various waffle recipes and hence, it is the best waffle maker to buy. A small recipe book offered with this heart waffle iron comes with amazing directions. After you have prepared some waffles, you can use your own creativity and modify old recipes or devise your own.

  • As so many reviews for this waffle maker point out, this device is very easy to use. All you need to do is set its dial and wait for a light signal to inform you when you can pour the batter in. Wait for signal to sound then. Once the signal is sounded, the waffles are prepared. This is easier than how many other similar devices perform. It takes only a small time to yield waffles, just about 90 seconds.

  • This chefs choice waffle boasts of an innovative Quad bakery system which allows you to choose the right color, flavor and texture. You can just flip its switch to choose the right texture for your needs. You may either bake fast and crisper waffles having the interior oven fresh and soft in quality. Else, you can go for a deep bake which makes waffle texture more even.

  • There is a “floating” hinge for its stainless steel lid which assures even baking and thickness. Its built-in storage compartment ensures that users can store the waffle maker in an upright posture and save space. You can also keep its cord stored neatly within, and get to save even more space. Go through Chef’s Choice 830 WafflePro Heart Shaped Waffle Iron Review before you buy.

These are the significant traits loved by the customers and that’s why it is regarded as the best waffle maker. Customers feel greatly satisfied with the positive qualities offered by this product.

What Do Consumers don’t like about this chefs choice waffle iron?


Chef’s Choice 830 Pro Heart Shaped Waffle Iron Review reveals that this unit lacks removable plates and reversible plates. Some users have complained that the unit can be slightly difficult to clean because of this reason. However, most buyers did not face such issues.


Although this chefs choice waffle is a generally durable unit, a few users have complained that it stops working after some time. This, again, happened in individual cases. Most of the consumers found the unit to last for at least a couple of years and even more in spite of daily use. This top waffle maker thus became successful in fetching customers’ attraction to a great extent.

Waffle iron reviews:


There are numberless similar products available in the market of late but this above-mentioned device is nonetheless the best waffle maker to buy because it possesses a great many noteworthy features along.


Top waffle maker


Overall, waffle iron reviews have showed this is a high-quality professional waffle maker that delivers what it promises. You can get superior waffles that are soft and mouthwatering in taste. This device can be used easily and you will not have many reasons for complaint. As it does not hog a lot of space on the counter, it stands as the most superior and unique waffle-making device for people with smaller kitchens.

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